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Discover the 3 Secrets for Living Happily Ever After

 Discover the 3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After by Rhonda Rabow Dear Friend,
  • - Are you feeling alone, not heard or supported?
  • - Do you feel as if you and your partner are speaking different languages?
  • - Is your home filled with tension, frustration and feelings of discouragement?
  • - Are you finding just silence and hidden anger?
  • It is important to note that even if only one member of a couple is willing to make some changes, the entire relationship dynamic will experience a shift as well. Therefore, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, maybe it’s time to do something about it.
    For 9.97$, you can begin walking down the road to re-connection and regain your hope, within minutes.

    Getting to know the author: An introduction

    Rhonda Rabow has earned a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology, a Bachelor degree in Psychology and has over 25 years experience in the counselling field.  She is a solution-focused therapist who focuses on empowering her clients by teaching them the tools they need to feel more confidant and competent to handle the challenges of life.  What Rhonda has learned through her formal education and extensive experience has provided her with the tools needed to equip her clients with the insight and techniques into the inner-workings of both marriage and relationships.  She has transformed this knowledge into a well rounded, easy to understand, precise message.  This meaningful message has been delightfully distilled into three simple yet impactful secrets.  These secrets will provide you with the keys you need to avoid pitfalls, which often plague a marriage or relationship.  These secrets will also teach you the techniques of how to communicate effectively in order to re-connect with your partner and re-establish the trust you once had.

    How do I know if this eBook is for me?

    You may be wondering if this eBook is for you or rather, if it can benefit you. Truthfully, Rhonda’s Discover the 3 steps to living happily ever after has been crafted to carefully accommodate anyone who is either in or thinking about becoming in a relationship.

    This eBook is:

  • - For couples wanting to save their relationship
  • - For couples who can't stop fighting
  • - For singles who find themselves repeating negative patterns when choosing relationships
  • - For singles who can't find a healthy relationship
  • - For couples who are considering moving in together or getting married but want to make sure they have the tools to succeed beyond the honeymoon stage

    Advantages in Choosing Rhonda’s eBook

    You may be wondering what advantages Rhonda’s eBook offers over the competition. This question is fair. To answer it, I’ve listed a number of reasons why Discover the 3 steps to living happily ever after might be the right choice for you:
  • - Economical: at an affordable 9.97$, this eBook won’t hurt your wallet
  • - Practical:  Rhonda is a solution-focused therapist.  All her suggestions are very concrete, simple to apply, and are appropriate for all types of situations
  • - Understandable: Rhonda transforms stuffy terminology into understandable advice. This allows for everyone who reads it to clearly see where his or her relationship needs the most help. There’s nothing worse than being unable to understand the advice being given to you.  In under an hour, you will be able to complete the entire eBook
  • - Immediate: the entire process is as painless as clicking on the link below and purchasing the eBook. No shipping and no shopping for the best price
  • - Knowledgeable: Rhonda’s experience permeates through every page. Her honesty and thoughtfulness ensure that you don’t feel cheated into feeling that you’ve only been superficially helped

    Benefits of Rhonda’s eBook

    Rhonda’s three secrets are concise, candid and of immediate benefit. They’ll provide you with the necessary steps to improve the health of your relationship while making each step simple and easy to follow. This is done by:
  • - Breaking down each secret into concrete, and real-life, examples: applying real solutions to actual problems
  • - Providing you with exercises to make sure that you’re on the right track
  • - Providing insight into common pitfalls that may occur and how best to avoid them       
  • - Well pacing each secret so as not to flood the reader with advice
  • - Teaching you to communicate effectively with your partner: no more worrying if you’ve said the right or wrong thing in a particular context  
  • This eBook is an economical alternative to going for counselling. The insight Rhonda provides comes from years of experience within the field of psychotherapy. I ask you:
  • - What is the cost of seeing a private therapist for 9 months of couple counselling (the average amount of time needed to see any positive results)?
  • - What is the emotional and financial cost of filing for a divorce or initiating a separation?
  • - What is the cost of daily unhappiness and feeling alone and unheard; of being unable to connect with your life partner?
  • - How do you measure the cost for re-discovering the love you once felt?


    The following is what readers have to say about Rhonda’s eBook:

    This deceptively short and simple book is full of gems from the author’s professional experience. And the three secrets, themselves, at first sound like commonsense but are presented with refreshing clarity. Also, the author’s use of short case studies is particularly valuable.  I heartily recommend this book, whether you’re currently in a relationship or marriage, or seeking to be in one.  --Tony Stubbs, Author

    I recently finished your e-book and I loved it. It is such an easy read, anybody can identify with it. I liked the examples you gave especially the "Sue & Jack" juice story, it's so true that most conflicts are never about the "glass of juice" but it's always about something bigger.  I would easily recommend this book to any couple as it helps you to understand the stages we go through as a married couple and how to work around them.  --M.C.

    Is this eBook right for me?

    By reading this letter right now you have in fact decided to take the first step in redirecting your relationship into a mutually beneficial direction. For your own sake, don’t remain indecisive about whether or not to invest 9.97$ in exchange for this eBook. Don’t put off your happiness any longer.  It’s time to take control over your life and the health of your relationship. You’ll find that your commitment to this purchase will be for the better!

    Here's an exerpt from the book...

    After 25 years of counseling and achieving a high success rate for helping people achieve happier, healthier and more fulfilling relationships, I realized that all the tools, tips and techniques they needed could be condensed into three powerful tools, or “secret rules.”

    Once you’ve learned these three secrets you will be able to apply them to every relationship in your life that may need special attention.

    I’ll also show you how to go inside and “look under the hood.” It is so important to go to the source of the conflict so you will know how to prevent future collisions.

    If you’re reading this book because you’re in the midst of making an all-important decision about whether to leave or stay, these tools will help you sort things out.

    The goal is to learn how to mend and maintain your relationship so you can start to see your partner as a well-intentioned friend instead of an Outsider with an Agenda.

    As a therapist and counselor, I am solution-focused. I believe in long term results within a short term period of time. This is probably the most important reason why I scaled down my tools and techniques to The Big 3.

    The other reason is because I had to. During the past 25 years of practicing privately, I’ve also worked for social service centers, employee assistance programs and community organizations. Most of these organizations focus on offering short-term therapy.

    Marital Stages

    All marriages go through stages. Do you know which stage you are in right now?

    Stage 1 – Infatuation. You are completely in sync, soulmates forever. You finish each other’s sentences.

    Stage 2 – Disillusionment. Little things really start to bother you. You really are very different; you seem to focus on those differences.

    You start to argue. You never thought there would be times when you didn’t feel love for your partner. Disillusioned, you wonder if you made a mistake.

    Stage 3 – Power Struggle. “If you really loved me, then…” Each person thinks they are right and cannot figure out why their partner is so stubborn and controlling. They feel angry, hurt and frustrated. Little or no attempt is made to see the other person’s point of view for fear of losing face or losing the argument. The problem with this stage is that most people think they will be stuck here forever.

    Stage 4 – Acceptance, Forgiveness, Letting Go. The partners come to accept that they will never agree about everything and just want to live in peace. Ready to forgive and let things go, they are more mature and willing to accept responsibility for how they’ve contributed to their problems. They show more compassion and understanding and are open to looking at issues from the other’s perspective. By making a conscious decision not to “push the other’s buttons,” they stop being opponents and learn to become teammates again.

    Stage 5 - Happily ever after. Peace and harmony reign. (END of the exerpt from the book)


    If you feel that you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase then Rhonda will provide with your money back within 60 days, 100% guaranteed! Also, by purchasing this eBook right now you will receive 2 FREE downloads from Rhonda’s website:
    • - 1) Another eBook entitled, “How to Use Hypnosis to Lose Weight” [HERE]
    • - 2) An audio clip called Secret Weapons  [HERE]


    A time-limited offer.  A purchase within the next 14 days will also receive a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation with the author herself.  

    How to Purchase Rhonda’s eBook

    Click on the link below to order Rhonda’s eBook right now! Remember, if you’re experiencing relationship difficulties then it is your best interest to take the necessary step in insuring your success. Discover the 3 steps to living happily ever after costs 9.97$ and offers insight in minutes. [HERE]

    Best wishes for all.
    Rhonda Rabow, M.A.
    Licensed Psychotherapist
    Office Phone: 514-697-5070
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     Discover the 3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After by Rhonda Rabow